When will my order arrive?

Standard orders take 5-7 days for delivery, express delivery can be arranged at an additional cost, please refer to our delivery & returns section for full detailed information.

How many tiles are in each box?

Every product can vary in the amount of tiles per box, all our products tell you how many tiles are packaged per box and what m2 area they will cover, most tile boxes will come in 16 or 20 per box.

Will my carpet tiles require underlay?

Carpet tile won’t require any underlay as all carpet tiles already come with different types of backings to cater for many solutions from heat insulation to sound absorption . 

How many carpet tiles do i need to cover my floor?

We have created our own carpet tile calculator to help you work out the tiles and boxes needed for your rooms, it is always recommended to add 10% for wastage and cuts to stop you from being left short, our tile calculator does this for you so no need to worry.